Our Mission:

"Creating a vibrant community of play, literacy and arts for young learners and their families."

Our unique curriculum, schedule and not profit status allows The P.L.A.Y. School to further our mission of helping young learners and their families in the following ways:

  • Give children a love of learning and confidence in themselves and their abilities.

  • Prepare children for the rigors of today’s elementary school programs by including lessons that are in-line with Early Childhood standards and Florida state Kindergarten standards.

  • Provide a flexible schedule that promotes family involvement. Along with their child, we provide opportunities for parents to learn, build friendships, prepare for the next step, and find support here. 

  • Ensure that each individual child’s strengths and challenges are recognized and supported through services provided both in-house and through collaboration with community agencies.

Learn-Through-Play Philosophy

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”

-Fred Rogers

At the P.L.A.Y. School, we believe that each young learner is unique and grasps concepts in his/her own way. We therefore design our lessons with all different learning styles in mind. Children are meant to explore the world around them, and they learn the most when given the chance to learn through movement, art, music and play. When schools use a play-based curriculum, all children benefit.

Play at School Develops Children in 4 Ways:

We are thankful for the following Grants and Community Assistance we have received to further our mission:

Florida Literacy Association (FLA) 2020 Early Literacy Grant Award

FLA logo.jpg

Florida VPK Program run by the Florida Office of Early Learning

florida vpk.jpg

Star Early Literacy VPK Pilot Program 

STAR Early Literacy tile.jpg
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