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Our predecessor, First United Methodist Church Preschool, was opened in the 1970s as a mission of the church, believing that a child’s formative years should be shaped within an environment where young children can learn and play in a nurturing, happy and safe atmosphere. The P.L.A.Y. School philosophy today is based on the research and wisdom of generations that have passed through our doors.

As one of the first preschools in Boynton Beach, the school offered a part-time program for 3-to-5-year-olds focused on developing friendships and social skills through fun games, crafts, storytelling, song and experiential learning. Over the years, our learn-through-play curriculum evolved from these core play-based activities as the early childhood education field grew. We earned the 2019 Boynton Beach Award for “Best Child Care Center."

Today, our time-tested learn-through-play curriculum at The P.L.A.Y. School still emphasizes whole-child development and hands-on experiences.  Our play-based curriculum has withstood the test of time and is now at the forefront of a reemergence of child-led, play-based learning in school settings. Children develop oral language, math, and literacy skills through free play, music, art, dramatic play, journaling, and collaborative discussion of stories and ideas.

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